Saturday, 18 February 2017

Good news for smokers in the world

As per the statistics produced by World Health organisation, around 5 million human lose their lives because of the aftermaths of consumption of Tobacco and Cigarettes. On further assessment, it was concluded that every one person dies in every six seconds which can be interfered with if usage of Tobacco and akin produce is put to an halt.

Smoking contaminates and afflicts its user and if in case a person got hold of it continuously for 5 years or more then there is high probability that the practice may result into bronchitis and other cough problems. Although, we have brought a solution to this severe, life-taking problem. Here is the recipe of a drink mixture that can make one’s lungs clean and unstained within few days. 

Mentioned further are Ingredients required for the recipe:

 1. Clean and Chopped onion – 400 gram
2. Turmeric – 2 teaspoons
3. Water – 1 liter
4. Brown sugar – 400 gram
5. Ginger root – 1 small piece
How to make:
Fill a utensil with water and boil it after adding brown sugar to it. Then Add ginger root and onion. And thereafter add some grated ginger and turmeric finally. Decrease the temperature when mixture starts boiling. Leave it for cooling and then keep it in the refrigerator.

How to use:
This has to be consumed before the breakfast every morning and in the night, 2 hours after having dinner. In addition to this, some exercises can be done for better results. Try to take bath with hot water but don’t bath for more than 20 minutes. It will also be good for lungs if eucalyptus is inhaled.

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