Saturday, 18 February 2017

Conversion is sinful in Hinduism

Tell our children that Conversion is sinful. 

Currently I believe we must put aside our differences among Hindus of different teachings.Unite  together to  inform our youngsters about the sin of converting from the birth religion. This must be the utmost duty of every Hindus. 

According Hinduism, conversion is sin. 

1.Converting from the religion of birth is sin because during the birth, the God made the choice. The God decided us to be born to a particular parent of particular faith. Since we cannot change our  parents so do the religion of birth. It is God's will. 

2.’En matham shanmatham ' not  'emmatham samatham
 Religion is just a path to reach out the supreme God.  There is One God, But if Hindus think any religion is fine,It is WRONG .This is the reason many converted without realizing /feeling guilty . We need to relook into it deeper.  It supposed to be ' en matham shanmatham ' not  'emmatham samatham',  our Hindus confused with this two phrases.  Shanmatham refers to the main 6 religion namely saivam, vainavam, Shaktha, ganapathiyum, kaumara and Saumaram.  Other than these not in Hinduism fold. People misunderstood with emmatham samatham,  converting as they like.

3. Parents need to tell to their youngs. 
How many parents how tell conversion is sin? How many of our elders had told that?  How many Hindu temple or Organizations have educated on conversion is sin?  The answer is no.  

Wake up now. Awake your Hindu friends now 

 God bless you.(Sivasiddhi)

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