Monday, 29 June 2015

Love should born from the heart.. Not from the status.

Just listen to my words.. If someone u loved mentioning about status that is very important in love, just leave them.. Bcs they are not suitable for love.. 

Sometimes, it's okay for you and u may still want to love that person.. But, remember.. This kind of mentality doesn't bring peaceful environment in love/relationship. 

Bcs our own life is unpredictable..
Who knows.. 
U maybe rich today.. And maybe u will become bankrupt tomorrow..
So, hence...
Those people who gave important in status more than true love.. If your richness in trouble... Then, they will avoid you..
After few years.. If you questioning back to them, they will answer you like this...
"I don't know who are you, don't waste your time."

So please, be smart when you choose person. 

"Make your life brighter by choosing good heart's.
Don't switch off the light of your life by choosing 

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