Monday, 25 May 2015


Hope one day.. i will go there and enjoy my life in this beautiful world.. 

Dubai has an area of over 4,000 square kilometers, and is part of the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai is an economic and financial center, where the jewelry trade is important. Dubai formerly depended on oil and natural gas, but currently have diversified their economy. Tourism, real estate and trade is the main source of income.
Like any Arab country, Dubai meets the religious requirements of Islam. It is called to prayer five times a day and all citizens begin to pray toward Mecca.
The crimes are almost nonexistent, and the order and cleanliness is the best in the world.
The passion for horses in Dubai is very important. Best horse breeds in the world are there.
Tolerance and kindness of the people of Dubai is great. Even allow the existence of Hindu temples and Christian churches.
Since 1990 Dubai has grown rapidly, and now is the envy of the world.

These pictures below shows the Eccentric Millionaires in Dubai.

Dubai does not need Islands, because they create them.

and it look'd stunning.. and beautiful 

Cars can be Gold Plated.

can also decorate with your favourite football team 

your copitolo can be a wild animal.

and your passenger can peek through the car window.

Mosques are impressive and beautiful.

and the view from skyscrapers give much vertigo. 

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