Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Blind mother-to-be gets the chance to 'see' her unborn son for the very first time after doctors surprise her with a 3D printout of his ultrasound.

Without the gift of sight, pregnancy can be a very different experience. But thanks to 3D printing technology, one blind mother-to-be was able to experience the emotional moment of ‘seeing’ her child for the first time during an ultrasound, just like any other mother.
Pregnant Tatiana Guerra, 30, from Brazil, lost her sight at age 17, and never imagined that she would get the chance to see her baby in the womb – until doctors surprised her with a 3D printout of a digital image of her child, allowing her to see her son’s facial features through touch, a precious memory that she would have otherwise never been able to have. 
In the video, which was created as part of a campaign for diaper brand Huggies, the expectant mother asks the doctor what her son looks like - whether he has her nose and what his ears look like.

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