Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tribute to Paul Walker - See You Again

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It was a great movie and the best in the series. The ending will definitely make you cry, seeing Michelle Rodriguez tear up really hit me and it finally dawns on me that he really is gone. I know that nobody was acting in that last scene, I know it must have been tough for them to finish. Paul Walker wasn't just a Hollywood actor, he was a great person who cared for others and gave back to those less fortunate. Really wish I had the chance to meet you. You and Vin Diesel are the main reason why I love cars and you are the main reason why I love imports. The F&F series has always been about family and it definitely shows in this one. You were taken from us too soon and even though we don't know you, you've touched some of us and made a big difference. I know you're in heaven driving your blue skyline now. Thanks for the memories, Race In Paradise bro. 
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