Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My Full Love Story

Now.. my age is 25...
so many people having question mark with me..
"Devendran.. are u in love with someone?"

My Answer:
" No Buddy.. i won't love anyone "
it doesn't means i don't like to love...

You must know my story first..
i'm from poor family.. 
now i'm in good position..because my siblings and me already grew up
and we are stable...
 but once a time ago...
when my father passed away..
no one look at us..
help or suggest us to grow to become successful 
only my mom became backbone for 3 of us..

i always think about my future at present...
i didn't trust anyone after few problem raised in my life..

some problem.. i just create myself to avoid big problem interrupt in my life..
it's sound crazy and selfish ..
what to do??

do you think if prettiest girl came in your life.. you will be happy???
if someone like Cinderella fall in love with you..
it won't be a good phenomena to ourself..
there is so many guys looking for Cinderella..
few of them.. try to interrupt..
try to impress even though that prettiest lady already fall with others...
few of them.. being cruel and put the man in trouble..

u won't understand.. why i talk about this topic..
it's too complicated..

true or not.. every guys has been loved by girls..
there is few girls loved me..
i test them.. and they fly away.. because there is no true love..
i proposed few..
to test them..
to find answer..
to create problems for good reason..
but i'm not truly in love with anyone before..
few of them knew it too

few people can say.. can share their own theory that Relationship won't effect future life..
it's right actually... but we must know one thing..
everyone is not same minded.. same as thumb print and DNA..

it's very easy to steal women heart..
i teach few guys before..
and it's so effective..

if you want to love someone.. first thing u must do is..
be a gentlemen..

first step:
you go to the person u loved.. keep yourself confident..
just tell her.
" excuse me.. can i talk with you for a while.. sorry if you felt disturbed. it's important to me to talk with you about certain thing.. "

AVOID Talk this in-front of her friends..
Girls always try to hide their personal story with them.. once they get emotional only.. they will share it with her close friend..

second step:
book one table.. then seat on chair.. and start conversation politely..
first.. you tell sorry..
and use this word..
" I don't know how you will feel after end of this conversation.. "

third step:
just talk about your feelings.. but don't expose your love soon..
if can.. if you are really true in love with that person..
your tears must come out.. ( plus point )

fourth step:
at the end of conversation...
" you tell her.. I Love you".. and say.. " i just share my feelings.. i'm really sorry if you are uncomfortable"
don't let her talk.. try to move on from that place...

fifth step:
please make sure that you are not around her.. anywhere.. 
make yourself invisible for 1 or 2 weeks...

six step:
go in-front of her.. but don't talk.. make sure you are a bit far away from her..
key point is.. " your dressing code.. and your appearance is very important ".

seventh step:
try to smile..
and avoid to talk with her friends.. if her friends come talk with you..
then you talk with them politely..
and please don't tell and ask anything about her..
because she told her friends.. i already notice before.. " once girls get emotional or feeling about something new.. they will share it with their friends ".

eight step:
she will come to you and talk.
Devendran's idea always effective...

guys.. i knew how to steal girl's heart.. there is few other step also...
but i didn't use it before with anyone.. only teach others..

i won't do this because i knew my position...
i didn't cry for relationship.. and few hated me.. for that also i'm not bother..
i never ever feel.. this is important in my life at the moment..
but it will be very important for me if someone enter in my life after get marry..

my trust in relationship will born after marriage only..
from there.. the person i marry will feel my  true love..

i belief God..
i trust him..

i trust Shridi Sai Baba
i belief him too..

There is no love story yet in my life.. 
i just wait for God.. 

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